Thank You for considering to be a part of "Project 7th Trumpet-Mission Initiatives"!

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The greatest blessing we have are the doors that have opened up to be of help and assistance to our Brothers and Sisters around the world!
Project 7th Trumpet - Mission Initiatives' main priority is to come up along side those in other lands that have an initiative, a developed plan, that will bring economic growth and provisions to their communities and nations. The results have been miraculous. From poultry farm development, crop farming in East Africa, store development in Nepal, to a sewing/seamstress business in Pakistan and more...we have seen miraculous blessing and growth! Your partnering in these initiatives also helps us to provide emergency relief for those in hard hit areas! Our Facebook page has more information and reports. We try to keep current with all that is taking place! ALL that we do is in direct covenantal relationship with those in other nations! There is no "middleman"! Thank you for your consideration in being a vital part of Project 7th Trumpet-Mission Inititiatives! Blessings!

Project 7th Trumpet - Mission Initiatives
Discipling the Nations! Fulfilling the Great Commission!
Project 7th Trumpet - Mission Initiatives
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