Project 7th Trumpet (P7T) is an international endeavor that has been in operation via
Ken Soltys Ministries, Inc. for more than twenty years. More than 30 countries have
benefited from the services, messages and sounds that focus on the reality of
"The Kingdom of God"

The objective and mission of P7T is to awaken the Body of Christ to the reality of the
“Kingdom of God in the Earth as it is in Heaven”, and to build up the Believer in the
 truth of their royal identity in Christ.

The methods used to share these truths rely on being in an atmosphere where the
presence of the Lord is experienced. This is accomplished through the ongoing
sounds of worship in a unique free flowing manner. In this atmosphere,
biblical truths of
His Kingdom are revealed as we witness the manifestation of His presence. As Peter
experienced during Pentecost when there was the manifestation and demonstration
of the Holy Spirit, his response in explanation was, “This is that which was spoken
by the Prophet Joel.” (Acts 2:16). In this manner we proceed. This has led to
many encounters with leaders from around the world. In each situation, there
was a great impartation of understanding and empowerment of Kingdom status
and authority with signs and wonders accompanying.

P7T utilizes several means to further the sphere of influence:
LIVE GATHERINGS - Weekly live and online gatherings of free-flowing spirit led expression
of worship and message. Times of teaching are also scheduled.

REMOTE GATHERINGS – On location around the world as scheduled. Scheduling in
remote locations involves a series of gatherings in order to allow the saturation
of the
presence of God allowing revelation knowledge of His Kingdom to be shared.

DEVELOPMENT OF MEDIA RESOURCES – A collection and catalogue of thousands of hours
of the sounds of heaven, music, Kingdom teachings and more is constantly increasing
and is made available. The resources are available through the home web page and
is on Social Media outlets such as; YouTube and Facebook.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Weekly Zoom conferences in several nations are convened to share
in worship and instruction of the principles of the Kingdom of God. Live events are
often planned posted on both Facebook and YouTube allowing participation from
all over the world.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us any time!
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Ken and Elva Soltys
Discipling Nations!

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